You are currently viewing “CPC is a load of rubbish” – I beg to differ!

“CPC is a load of rubbish” – I beg to differ!

Okay, I am under no illusion whatsoever that 90% of HGV & PSV drivers out there cringe at the prospect of doing their driver cpc. I’d go so far as to say drivers actively avoid it right until the last few months of their 5 years and then panic book and attend the full thing one day after another. Here’s why I love customers like this… I can change their opinion! 

We know you don’t wanna do it at first but Driver CPC done in the right way can be brilliant.  We can all become complacent in our jobs – especially if we have been in the same position for a fair few years so even if you don’t learn anything new (guarantee you will) I can safely say you will be reminded of a few things that may have drifted to the back of your mind! My particular favourite is our ‘Nat’s Naff all Quiz’ on Road Traffic Signs* (Aptly named for the complete lack of prizes you can win)  . You would be utterly amazed at how many drivers score low in this and we have a good olde laugh going through some completely random signs. 

So why do I genuinely believe Driver CPC is a beneficial, interesting and valuable thing to do? Most importantly… CPD (Continued Professional Development) – I ask you why this WOULDN’T  be a good thing?  In an industry where a lack of education and concentration can have life or death consequences, surely 7 hours a year training isn’t the worst thing to be doing.  

Not only this, how many industries have the ability to sit down with 20+ like minded individuals in the same industry and have the time to talk about any worries and issues they have as well as ask questions and get tips and tricks of the trade. Basically we all act as shoulders to lean on for each other and create a little bit of the old comradery which sadly has disappeared somewhat.  New friends are made, jobs are acquired and a general feeling of ‘your not alone’ shines through on all our courses.

The transport industry is time restrictive and can sometimes involve keys being thrown in your general direction with no real clue how to drive or load this new vehicle you find in front of you and don’t even get me started on the complete lack of Driver Hours & Tachograph training! 

Ongoing Periodic Driver CPC gives everyone in the transport industry a chance to get together and chat, learn new updates on legislation and law, ask questions, share worries, give tips and tricks of the trade to newbies and update knowledge they may have stored in the back of their head! 

We try to cover a huge range of topics in our CPC from Driver Hours & Tachographs, Load and Driver Security and Eco-Driving to Mental Health and Customer Care! We even have evening driver cpc so you don’t have to book days off! Super easy and all sat having a brew on the coffee!

All in all Driver CPC is valuable, informative, helpful and NEEDED in the HGV and PSV industry – you just have to open your mind to it and enjoy it! 

Look forward to seeing you soon! 

Bye for now! – Nat, CPC Mum x

Don’t leave it till the end of your 5 years and resent us for it – pop on now and we’ll have a laugh and make it as painless as possible for you – that’s our promise!

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