Ok, so we know the concept of ‘online’ can seem daunting (especially if technology just isn’t your bag) but fear not – online CPC is must easier than you may think. 

The industry has taken a huge shift since the introduction of ‘remote CPC’ during Covid-19.  Prior to Covid all we saw were classroom CPC’s where you would go and sit in a room for 7 hours+ and – let’s face it – pretend to be paying attention.  With everyone working from home through the Pandemic and the inability to attend classroom CPC Jaupt and DVSA decided we could take CPC online – long overdue in my mind! 

Now CPC participants can get comfy on their sofa, stick the kettle on and pop a Zoom call on their phone, tablet or laptop and away we go! It’s not hard either – in fact its so much easier than you imagine! Not only that, we have seen a huge rise in the amount of drivers engaging, listening and most importantly taking part in all aspects of a course (I’m guessing because it’s far less intimidating sat on your sofa than in a classroom!)

Now once you have joined what happens? – Here’s a little video to show you all about how our CPC courses look to YOU…