Our Courses

Here’s a brief breakdown of each course we do. Each course is a presentation filled with new
information, videos, interactive discussions, breakout rooms and quizzes.

Road Laws including road traffic signs, revisiting our theory and road law Mythbusters.
Latest updates in Highway Code and Laws
Drink & Drug Driving – the penalties, consequences and avoidance.
Mobile Phones – the penalties, consequences and avoidance.
Speeding – the penalties, consequences and avoidance.

The environment and our actions – looking into climate change and its effects.
How Transport is affecting the environment and HGV’s input into the environment.
Eco Driving methods
What’s the government doing for eco-driving and transport effects on the environment?
Future trends in fuel choice and HGV design.

How transport is affecting our urban streetscape and livelihoods.
Vulnerable road users – identifying and discussing each VRU.

Urban environments and how to drive appropriately within them.
How to deliver safety around VRU.

HGV accident statistics due to load security.
HGV Safety Checks
Load security laws and responsibilities
Load securing methods
Driver Security and Safety when out on the road (theft and hijacking)

Driver Hour Regulations including:
● EU rules
● GB Domestic hours
● Brexit
● Why should you care?

Driver Hours in detail including:
● Icons
● What is other work?
● Breaks -full descriptions & examples.
● Daily Rest – full descriptions & examples
● Rest facilities
● Driving daily limits – full description & examples
● Weekly driving limits – full description & examples
● Two-week driver limit – full description & examples
● Multi-manning
● Being ‘on-call’
● Traveling Time

● Unforeseen events
● Emergencies
Tachographs rules and usage including:
● Types of tachographs
● What is a digital tacho
● How does a digital tacho work.
● How much data can it store
● Manual entries
● Print out guide
● Top Tips
● Analogue tachographs description
● Guide to analogue tachos
● (Full guide if needed & time permitting)

Health and Safety Laws and responsibilities
Manual Handling in the workplace.
Mental Health in the transport industry.
Driver Welfare and expectations in the HGV driver industry.
Physical fitness – importance, tips and hints.
Driver Fatigue – How to identify and deal with fatigue as a driver.