Terms & Conditions


Periodic CPC lessons need to be paid prior to the lesson commencing. No exceptions will be made. If payment is not made then Atlas reserves the right to cancel your booking and refuse admission.

Rescheduling & Non Attendance

We strive to be the most flexible CPC provider in the UK. All we ask is for you to let us know if you cannot attend a module. We understand life gets in the way and we will happily reschedule. We will even accept communication up to 30 minutes before the course begins. However no communication with a no show is non refundable and we will not reschedule. Drivers on our waiting list will miss out on possible attendance as well as delaying our course registration process. 

Pick & Mix Package

Modules booked through our Pick & Mix Package are valid for 12 months from purchase. 

Cancellation Policy – A full refund will be issued within 30 days from purchase (minus any fees if you have already taken modules). If you wish to cancel your order after 30 days no refund can be issued, however we will honour your modules for 12 months. If you wish to pass your modules to another driver you can do, just let us know. 

Please be aware due to high booking numbers we are unable to 100% guarantee places on your chosen dates but will do our best to facilitate your needs. Any cancellations or requests to reschedule will be transferred to another module of your choice, or a refund will be issued.  If you do not let us know you cannot attend the session it will be classed as a ‘no-show’ and will be non refundable. 


All invoices need to be authorised or paid prior to the first date of attendance unless other payment terms are negotiated.  


Periodic CPC – Refunds can take up to 5-10 working days once processed. 

At Atlas we like to pride ourselves on our understanding of personal circumstances and in turn offer a generous refund policy. 

Refunds requests will be honoured if requested prior to 24 hours of the module/s commencing and no longer than 30 days after purchase. 

Partial refunds will be given if you have used any modules as part of a discounted package of 5. E.g. If 5 modules have been purchased at a discounted rate then the partial refund will be equal to the non discounted module cost. For example, if you purchase 5 modules for £190 and you ask for a refund on 4 modules, then your refund will be £190 minus a the cost of one full price module.  A £5 admin fee may be deducted from the total amount to cover the costs of our online payment system as this is a cost to ourselves. If no refund can be given will be happy to reschedule your CPC course for another date in the future. You may also gift your course to someone else. 

Amazon Customers

A breakdown of costs and terms- 

£150 for your 5% contribution of your £3000 Amazon Career Choice Voucher

£150 for your provisional Licence entitlement this includes 

D2 & D4 forms which are filled in by myself and sent to your address first class with a 1st class stamped envelope ready to post for you convenience 

Your HGV Medical Booked at a time and location that suits you – We cannot guarantee a particular location however we will give you a list of locations and dates to choose from 

A personal Revision Account to revise for your Theory, Hazard and Mod 2 CPC tests

All three tests – Theory/Multiple Choice, Hazard Perception & CPC Mod 2 booked for you

Time spend calling driving schools and gathering information to find a school best suited for you with the most suitable waiting times

£3000 Amazon Voucher (£2500 Inc VAT)

This pays for your practice lessons, your Mod 4 CPC, Mod 3a Reversing Test and Mod 3B Practical Test. 

Please bear in mind we are taking into consideration that your lessons can be paid for using the Amazon Voucher, however in some instances the driving school requires more than £3000. We will do our best to find one that does not cost more. So far we have had a 100% success rate in finding driving schools with the cost of the voucher if there are no available slots with us. If the costs are above £3000 we will advise of any personal costs to you before we proceed. 


Each driving school is different in regard to what they offer. I will have to negotiate with them how many hours are included in the training provided and the cost implied. I will come back to you with my findings and you can decide which is best for you once you are ready to book your practical lessons and tests. 

To give you an idea the average lessons are usually 16-20 Hours which is broken down into 4 or 5 days (4 hours a day). 

The lessons and final road test are usually taken within a week – 2 weeks maximum. Your reversing test and Mod 4 will typically be done within that time frame too. 

Payment Terms

We will typically send an invoice/request of payment for your Amazon Voucher once you have passed your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests. We only request the money from Amazon when we need to use it to pay for your lessons. The typical payment waiting time from Amazon is around 7 working days. 

Once you pay your £150 start-up cost this is our call to begin your HGV Provisional Application. We will move swiftly and progress things as fast as you wish. 

Cancellation of Service

If you wish to cancel at any point before your lessons are booked then we will look at the money spent prior to the cancellation and the time working prior to cancellation and calculate a refund fee. 

We reserve the right to withhold any amount of funds from Amazon if services have been provided prior to your practical lessons. However we will do our best to offer a fair refund on services provided. 

Failed Theory Test

If you fail any of your theory tests we will offer a complimentary retest free of charge. This will cover one retest only and whichever being the most expensive will be covered by us. If you have not attempted any/sufficient amount of revision prior to the theory, hazard or CPC Test then we reserve the right to refuse payment for your failed test. If you do not revise there is a little chance you will pass and we suggest you to rearrange the booked date with us at least 4 working days prior to avoid full cancellation fees.

Failed Practical Test

We do not cover any cost of a failed practical test of any kind with your HGV lessons or Mod 4. The voucher from Amazon simply pays for your lessons and tests with the driving school you are booked in with. We will be happy to assist you in booking your retest however the fee’s are to be paid by yourself. 


Driving School Complaints

For any complaints with the driving school you will need to contact them directly. We will be more than happy to assist if you need any support. 

Cancellation/Changing Appointment Dates

We need to be notified of any Theory tests and Medical appointment re-bookings 4 working days prior to the date in question. If this is not adhered to the full cost of the booking fee will apply. We will not charge an admin fee to rebook. 

Your cancellation and date change period for your Practical lessons are dependent on the HGV Driving School you have booked with. Please make sure you are aware of the driving schools cancellation procedure if not provided. 

We will make sure the whole process from start to booking your lessons is tailored to your convenience. We will be on hand every step of the way to provide support and guidance where needed.