Terms & Conditions


Taster, Assessment Lessons and CPC Module 4

Taster, Assessment lessons and Module 4 payments are typically taken over the phone at time of booking. If this is not taken on booking due to extenuating circumstances it must be paid in full at least 7 days in advance of the scheduled appointment. If the appointment is booked in less than 7 days then immediate payment would be needed to confirm your booking. If payment is not made according to the above then your appointment may be cancelled and given to the next available customer.


To secure your HGV lessons and test with Atlas a deposit is required to confirm your booking. Your booking will not be confirmed and secure until you have paid the deposit. Once your lessons are booked we can either take the deposit payment over the phone or a payment link is sent via email with 48 hour payment terms. Atlas has the right to modify/change/replace preliminary given dates until the above payment is made. Deposit amount can change depending on your course layout and vehicle category. The cost will be made clear before the booking is made.

HGV Practical Lessons

Driving Lessons need to be paid for prior to the lesson commencing. Customers cannot commence their lesson until it has been paid. Typically we require payment in full around 7 days before your course start date. You will be sent a reminder email and payment link requesting the payment to be made in full. If you have any issues with this we are happy to discuss but this must be done before the start of the course.

Periodic CPC

Periodic CPC lessons need to be paid prior to the lesson commencing. No exceptions will be made. If payment is not made then Atlas reserves the right to cancel your booking and refuse admission.



Taster and Assessment Lessons

Refunds will be given if more than 24 hours notice is provided.

HGV Practical Lessons

2 weeks notice is required to cancel your appointment. If cancelled within 2 weeks of your first lesson date then your deposit will not be refunded.

Periodic CPC

Cancellation requests will be accepted prior to the time you are given on the email you receive. This is typically no later than 24 hours before the session commences. Any time after this and no refund will be given.

Mod 4 CPC

No Mod 2 Test Certificate on the day – No refund will be given
No Driving Licence on the day – No refund will be given
Cancellations with at least 62 hours notice will be accepted and refunded



All invoices need to be authorised or paid prior to the purchase in question. The term prior is until the purchase commences. Such an example is prior to the driver beginning their first lesson. Deposits need to be paid as in the above payment terms if the company is not paying in full. No 30 day payment terms are accepted at Atlas LGV Training unless discussed prior to your booking.


Periodic CPC – Refunds can take upto 5-10 working days once processed.
Driving School – Refunds can take upto 3 working days to be processed.