Well, here’s a start… an online cpc course is a hell of a lot cheaper than your old classroom sessions.  I remember the days when we needed to charge £79 per person for module just to make a marginal profit! After the room costs, trainer, printouts and obviously the tea and biccies (only the best for our guys) it meant there was no way we could charge as little at £40 per CPC module! 

Secondly, after over 3 years of doing online CPC i’ve genuinely found drivers enjoy it more.  They interact more and ask more questions and definitely seem to like being sat at home rather than in a stuffy classroom on those glorious school chairs that seem to be in every function room in the UK. It seems to be less intimidating behind a screen so drivers treat the sessions as driver forums and have a good chat – some even offering tips on where to get a job and swapping numbers. 

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that online is 10000000% more eco-friendly.  One of our modules is Eco-Driving and I have to admit I can’t help but reference how online driver cpc is so much better than asking 30+ drivers to get in their cars and drive to and from a venue for 5 days, not to mention the cost of travel!  

I get it though… Some drivers are worried about the technical side of online cpc courses. We have so many people calling and have reservations about Zoom and how to operate an online cpc course but guess what… we can do practice runs! It’s so easy and we always manage to show these drivers how much better it is (would you believe it – they even say they would never go back to classrooms again!)

So there you have it – my 3 big reasons why you should give online cpc a go. Have a gander at our courses www.atlaslgvtraining.co.uk or check out our evening and weekend split courses (yes – another reason online cpc is bloomin GREAT – we can do night time online cpc courses!) at https://www.atlaslgvtraining.co.uk/evening-weekend-cpc-courses/ or if you want to box it off in a week try our ‘Cram it In’ weeks https://www.atlaslgvtraining.co.uk/full-week-cpc-courses/ 

Look forward to seeing you soon! 

Bye for now! – Nat, CPC Mum x