So… you’re sat there thinking you’re wanting to become a HGV driver.  I don’t blame you! Over the past few years the HGV industry has certainly had a boost in recognition, not least because wages are looking a hell of alot better but also the increasing need for delivery drivers in all industries so it’s feeling like a pretty stable industry to be in – we’re ALWAYS going to need HGV drivers (at least in our lifetimes).

The only thing is you’re now completely confused about what on earth CPC actually is and if you even need it for what you want to do. Well – fear not my dear drivers – Nat the CPC ‘Mum’ is here to help with a series of blogs taking you  through the details of CPC, who needs it and why.

Now for the first big question on everyone’s lips…

What is CPC? 

CPC stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and in DVSA’s words has been introduced to ‘improve the knowledge and skills of lorry drivers’.  They are online courses lasting 7 hours (each module) and cover a whole range of topics such as Driver Hours, Tachographs, Load Safety, Driver Welfare (my favourite course), Manual Handling, Driver security and Eco Driving.  I also like to use our courses as a bit of a forum, letting all you guys have a good chin wag and ask each other questions.

It consists of two stages, however in some cases you won’t need to do stage one – don’t worry I shall explain this in more detail!

Stage 1 

Mod 2 & Mod 4 Initial Test.

If you have never had CPC before this is how you will get your FIRST EVER CPC CARD unless you have Acquired Rights.  It consists of a theory test at a Pearsons Centre (same as your Theory and Hazard) and a practical test (Completed with your Driving School).

You can book your Mod 2 CPC on the website. Simply CLICK HERE.

Stage 2 

Periodic CPC Training 

It’s simple – All you need to do is keep upto date with 35 hours Training, all of which can be done online sat in your slippers at home, with us you can even split over a few days.  35 hours works out at 5 x 7hour modules over 5 years but I would 100% do ONE MODULE A YEAR! That way you won’t be doing day after day of training rushing to get it all done in time!

If you do a Mod 2 & 4 you can start your periodic training by doing ONE MODULE A YEAR.  

If you have Acquired Rights you can get your FIRST EVER CPC CARD by completing the full 35 hours training all in one go (either through a FULL WEEK COURSE or doing 5 EVENING/WEEKEND COURSES)

If you’re not sure if you have acquired rights CLICK HERE to check.

And there you have it – my first little blog of many! Stay tuned for next week’s all about who needs a driver CPC.

Nat (CPC Mum)